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Sharp May Turn Into Something Good and Exciting

By Korbin Lan
Published: Sep 05,2016

Sharp is going to hold another smartphone product announcement this week in Taiwan, which is its third smartphone product releasing since this Japanese tech giant acquired by Foxconn, and this one will be a brand new product- Sharp Z2, which rumored MediaTeK processor equipped smartphone.

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The transformation of Sharp just like “Back to The Future” movie, who rode a time machine and went into a whole new world where were more advanced for sure. Since been acquired, Sharp suddenly becoming an energetic company with a lot of commercial activities. Its running scopes is not only in smartphones market, but also in the home appliance.

The influence of the acquisition was almost immediately effective. Foxconn given Sharp a strong boost by its enormous capital and strong executive capacity, which were just sharp lacked of.

Terry Kou, chairman of Hon Hai/ Foxconn Group, is the main force behind this transformation, and he is a disciplined, organized, generous and domineering leader. Once he has made up his mind, he will waste no time and take any necessary means to achieve it.

Few years ago, Terry Kou took part in a forum which held in Taiwan University to give a speech to young people. In the QA section, a student asked him, “how does Foxconn achieve innovation?”. Terry Kou just told her to contact with Foxconn’s human resources departments, and he will give her a job, then she will know how Foxconn achieve innovation.

That was a typical case of Gou’s style. He doesn’t waste time to explain how and why, he focuses on action.

So everyone can look forward to the transformation of Sharp, this company may turn into something good and exciting by the end of this year.

"Is there any way to save Sharp, I will do it!" Terry Kou said at the Hon Hai and Sharp signing ceremony on April 2.

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Figure I

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