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SYSTEX Launched SBOX Converged Computing Platform for Big Data

Published: Nov 08,2013

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(Taipei) SYSTEX Corporation released the world's first Splunk exclusive Converged Big Data Computing Platform SBOX, is currently the only original certification, designed for large data Splunk computing platform, and support for the latest version of Splunk Enterprise 6.

This is the first time in Taiwan's IT industry, the original self-developed by the international testing and certification of products, and plans to cooperate with Splunk's distributors to enter the international market. SBOX launch Splunk that attract the attention of multinational distributor, then successfully obtained Taiwan, Singapore and Indonesia carriers over the amount of NT $ 8 digits orders.

Fen Lin Long, SYSTEX general manager, said, Splunk is a leading manufacturers , generally accepted on the Big Data market, and SYSTEX is the first company to bring Splunk into the Asia Pacific market. SYSTEX Estimates that the global market for Big Data gradual growth in 2016 will reach $ 23.8 billion.

Splunk CEO Godfrey Sullivan said, SYSTEX is an important business partner of splunk, cooperate for many years, from the Asia-Pacific market development, Splunk R&D Lab set up, Splunk original certification course commencement, and now Splunk Exclusive converged big data computing platform SBOX,

“With SYSTEX’s rich experience on Splunk, we believe SYSTEX can bring greater value to users. "

SBOX to create exclusive value Splunk

SBOX is designed specifically for Splunk not only consider the characteristics of the system, give full play to advantages of the system, but also consider the demand for the use of Big Data, adding many thoughtful design, would allow users to focus on data exploration, ceased to system maintenance things bother.

Performance Verification: carefully selected portfolio of hardware, beyond the value of the original proposal

Rapid Deployment: four steps to set up wizard guides installation it, one minutes to complete the on-line

Preloaded Applications: Pre-built several commonly Splunk Apps, Free download and install.

Intuitive Interface: Intuitive system management interface, mobile devices can operate, painless to use.

Edit Settings: Intelligent Configuration Editor, version control functions, error correction can be repeated.

Upgrade Management: Upgrade Kit uploading interface command or run the program under free, easy to maintain and upgrade.

Safety Enhancement: lightweight operating system, minimizing installatio.

SBOX today serves the Asia Pacific market, SYSTEX has begun with Splunk in the Asia Pacific region, including Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Australia and other countries approached products distributor agent, is expected to be completed before the end of 2013 Asia-Pacific distribution channel, enter the European market in 2014 preparation.

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