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Renesas Electronics Introduces Low-Power RL78 Prototyping Board to Simplify IoT Prototyping

Renesas Electronics launched the RL78/G14 Fast Prototyping Board – a low-cost, function-rich board to enable rapid product development for IoT endpoint equipment. Quicker development prototyping and lower costs give users the agility to r...

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STMicroelectronics Adds Wireless Support to Proven Smart-Meter Chipset

STMicroelectronics is facilitating smarter city and industry infrastructures through the combination of powerline and wireless communication in its market-proven smart-meter chipset. Already widely used in smart electricity meters, ST’...

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Toshiba’s New Three-Phase Brushless Motor Control Pre-Driver IC Features Sensorless Control

Toshiba announced “TC78B009FTG,” a three-phase brushless motor control pre-driver IC that does not require Hall sensors, for applications that include high-speed fans used in servers, blowers, cordless vacuum cleaners, and robot vacuum ...

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Flex Power Modules DC-DC Converters Have Ultra-wide Input Range for Railway Rolling Stock

Flex Power Modules announces the PKM7500W and PKM7100W, two new series of quarter-brick modules for powering railway rolling stock equipment. The 50W PKM7500W offers an extremely wide input voltage range of 12V to 160V, while the 100W PKM71...

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HOLTEK HT79171/HT79181 – High-Efficiency 5A/6A Peak Current Synchronous Step-Up Converter

Holtek has released new high-efficiency synchronous step-up converters, the HT79171 and HT79181, capable of driving peak currents of up to 5A/6A respectively. These devices have extremely low RDSON values of only 25mΩ/45mΩ for the HT79171...