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Winbond Introduces First SpiStack Memories in 8-Pin Packages

Published: Mar 25,2016

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Winbond Electronics Corporation today announced a expansion of its flash product portfolio with the introduction of a family of stackable SpiFlash memories. The new SpiStack W25M Series is Winbond’s first to allow the “stacking” of homogeneous or heterogeneous flash, thus achieving memories of varying densities for code and/or data storage, while providing designers with the flash solutions most appropriate for their design requirements.

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The W25M Series provides a wide range of densities in the well-established 8-pin package to which designers are accustomed. Additionally, W25M memories feature the popular, multi-IO SpiFlash interface and command set.

“Stacking memories, both homogeneously and heterogeneously, is a revolutionary method of creating optimal memory solutions,” said Mike Chen, director of technical marketing at Winbond Electronics Corporation America.

“Winbond developed the SpiStack architecture to give designers maximum flexibility in tailoring flash solutions to meet their specific memory-density and -application requirements.”

SpiStack homogeneous memories are achieved by stacking SpiFlash dies – for example, two 256Mb dies combining to form a single SpiFlash 512Mb NOR memory -- in the industry-standard 8-pin 8x6mm WSON package. This stacked product, W25M512JV, is also available in the widely used 16-pin SOIC or 24-pad BGA packages and is sampling now.

SpiStack heterogeneous memories call for the stacking of a NOR memory with a NAND die, such as a 64Mb SpiFlash NOR blended with a 1Gb Serial NAND die, which gives designers the flexibility to store code in the NOR die and data in the NAND memory.

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