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Nuvoton Launches Its IoT Solutions on ARM mbed OS 5.1

Published: Aug 16,2016

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Hsinchu, Taiwan - To address a range of internet of Things (IoT) developer demands, Nuvoton debuts its comprehensive set of IoT solutions - the NuMaker series of development platforms.

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Nuvoton Announces Cortex-M0 M0564 MCU for Industrial Control and Smart Metering

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The ARM Cortex-M processer family-based platforms feature communication gateways, routers and sensors. The platforms can either be used as stand-alone devices or freely combined with other platforms for faster IoT solution creation and deployment.

In its product launch today, Nuvoton demonstrates ‘the IoT smart city application scenario’ in three parts, to educate developers about the NuMaker development platforms' diversified applications in IoT including smart city, smart building, home/Health care.

The NuMaker series of development platforms includes the following models:

- ARM mbed OS 5.1-based NuMaker-PFM-NUC472 platform

- NuMaker-PFM-M453 platform

- 802.15.4 based 6LoWPAN wireless solution Cascoda

- Python supported NuMaker Tomato for wireless router applications

- NuMaker Brick extensible platform featuring six sensor functions

- Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules included with super-low power consumption. The NuMaker Uni is especially suitable for wearable devices

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