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Microsemi Announces New Switchtec PAX Advanced Fabric PCIe Switch

Published: Aug 07,2017

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Microsemi announced the availability of its Switchtec PAX advanced fabric Gen3 PCIe switch providing fabric connectivity for scalable, multi-host systems and just a bunch of flash (JBOF) supporting single root input/output (I/O) virtualization (SR-IOV), NVMe and multi-function endpoints.

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Hyperconverged systems are evolving towards composable/disaggregated infrastructures (C/DI) such as rack scale architecture to meet the rapidly changing demands on resources and storage capacity of next-generation applications.

PAX advanced fabric PCIe switches provide a scalable, low latency and cost-effective solution to the disaggregation of computing, networking, graphics processing units (GPUs) and storage resources.

These PAX PCIe switches, which are flexibly interconnected with configurable high-speed fabric links, virtualize PCIe domains and SR-IOV endpoints.

System development is simplified through a fabric application programming interface (API) and the ability to utilize off-the-shelf NVMe host drivers, reducing time-to-market for complex multi-host systems.

"As we work closely with industry leaders, it became clear there's demand for Microsemi to expand our PCIe switch portfolio to support next-generation disaggregated architectures," said Derek Dicker, vice president and business unit manager for performance storage at Microsemi.

Dicker added, "The PAX fabric PCIe switch is pin-compatible to our PSX storage and PFX fanout PCIe switches, providing our customers a simple upgrade path to building SR-IOV-enabled and composable disaggregated systems."

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