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N-channel MOSFET Driver ICs in Industry-Leading Small Package

Published: Sep 28,2017

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Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation today announced the launch of “TCK401G” (active-high) and “TCK402G” (active-low), N-channel MOSFET drivers that support an input voltage of up to 28V, making them suitable for quick-charging and other applications requiring high current supply. Volume shipment of the new MOSFET driver ICs starts today.

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The new TCK401G and TCK402G have various built-in functions, including overvoltage protection, inrush current reducing and auto output discharge, but are still housed in the industry-leading small WCSP6E package, measuring 0.8 mm × 1.2 mm × 0.55 mm (typical).

A high-efficiency power supply circuit can be realized by using one of the drivers with an external N-channel MOSFET that has a maximum voltage rating and on-resistance suitable for the target application. For example, the combination of a new MOSFET driver and the low-on-resistance SSM6K513NU MOSFET is suitable for mobile and consumer applications, as it makes it possible to build a 100-W-class power supply circuit in a small space.

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