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Nine LAN ports and a powerful CPU help the BOXER-6640M keep an eye on all your targets

Published: Jan 09,2018

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Nine LAN ports and a powerful CPU help the BOXER-6640M keep an eye on all your targets

AAEON announces the release of the BOXER-6640M embedded Box PC. This feature-rich ruggedized device supports high frames per second (FPS) cameras and dynamic facial recognition software, making it ideal for both machine vision and digital surveillance applications.

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“With its combination of nine LAN ports and a 6th or 7th Generation Intel Core Desktop Processor, the BOXER-6640M achieves a level of performance few other systems can match,” said system platform division product manager Roy Huang. While it is normal to see PCs fitted with either a powerful processor or a large number of LAN ports, it’s rare to find both features on the same machine. The BOXER-6640M also features eight USB 3.0 ports to meet the growing demand for USB camera support.

The fanless BOXER-6640M runs in temperatures extending from -20oC to 50oC and has a DC Input operating range of 9-36V. The device was purposefully designed to be user friendly, and thanks to its remote power/reset switch, it can be installed almost anywhere. Ongoing maintenance tasks will also be easy to complete, as the rugged housing can be taken off by removing just six screws, and all internal components can easily be switched out and replaced.

“The scope and power of the BOXER-6640M mean that whether it’s used in surveillance or factory automation applications, it can monitor more points of interest, and monitor them more effectively, than other Box PCs on the market,” Huang said.

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