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ASIX Single Chip USB KVM Switch Solutions

Published: Jan 07,2019

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Compared to the traditional 4-Port USB KVM switch with up to 12 chipsets solution, ASIX Electronics Corp., provides a simple design and cost-effective AX6800x (AX68002/AX68004) 2/4-Port USB KVM Switch SoC single chip solution which enables users to control 2/4/8/16 PCs via USB with just one keyboard (K), monitor (V) and mouse (M). AX6800x is suitable for USB KVM Switch, USB KVM Extender, USB Roaming Mouse KM Switch, USB KM Synchronizer and UART to USB Host HID Class Bridge etc. applications.

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Figure-1. AX6800x Single Chip USB KVM Switch Applications

AX6800x family includes AX68002 2-Port USB KVM Switch SoC and AX68004 4-Port USB KVM Switch SoC, which are suitable for 2/4-Port Cable/Desktop USB KVM switch applications. The AX68004 can also support 8/16-Port USB KVM switch applications via cascade connection.

The AX68002 supports a cost-effective VGA CAT5 USB KVM Extender solution by integrating AX68002 USB Keyboard/Mouse Extender and an additional VGA Extender. This solution can extend the keyboard/mouse/monitor signals through a standard CAT5 RJ-45 cable for more than 100 meters distance.

Users need to manually switch USB keyboard/mouse and monitor between multiple computers by pressing push button or keyboard hotkeys of traditional USB KVM switches. ASIX provides an excellent and cost-effective AX6800x USB Roaming Mouse KM Switch solution to simplify the multiple computers switching operations. This solution can automatically switch the USB keyboard and mouse between multiple computers with individual monitors when the mouse cursor crosses the borders of monitor, without having to push any button manually.

The cost-effective AX6800x USB KM Synchronizer solution can synchronously control multiple computers, tablets or mobile phones via a USB keyboard and mouse at the same time. It also supports seamless USB Roaming Mouse KM switching and the cascade connection for synchronizing more devices, etc.

The USB keyboard and mouse cannot work on some embedded platforms because there is no operating system, no USB host controller or no USB HID API library on these platforms. ASIX provides a commercial AX6800x UART to USB Host HID Class Bridge solution to support USB keyboard and mouse on these kinds of platforms.

The AX6800x automatically handles the jobs of USB HID devices enumerations, data polling and data analysis, and transfers the USB HID input data to microcontroller via UART. Then the microcontroller can control the platform by using the USB HID input data. This solution provides an alternate way to support the required USB HID devices without re-designing the whole platform.

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