? HOLTEK New HT66FW2350 Wireless Charger Transmitter MCU
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HOLTEK New HT66FW2350 Wireless Charger Transmitter MCU

Published: Feb 25,2019

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Holtek announced the release of its new wireless charger transmitter Flash MCU, the HT66FW2350. The device includes a host of wireless charger transmitter required functions such as AM demodulation circuits, over current protection, a 16-bit multiplication division unit and a high resolution PWM generator.

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The device provides two groups of AM demodulation circuits to implement the necessary voltage and current demodulation simultaneously. These demodulation circuits include an operational amplifier whose gain can be programmed to have a value of 1~50. Using the wireless charging system to meet the conditions of both light and heavy loads, the gain can be dynamically adjusted to improve the communication success rate.

The wireless charger transmitted power is adjusted using an internal high resolution PWM generator. This high resolution PWM generator has three adjustable power modes, frequency, duty and phase. Here the frequency can be adjusted in 0.1kHz steps, the duty adjusted in 0.042% steps, and the phase in 0.15º steps. The device also includes a fully integrated hardware FSK function and is compatible with the WPC Qi specification. Together with its 16-bit multiplication division unit the device can execute the required PID algorithms to achieve stable and fast wireless charging power adjustments.

When compared with its previous generation product, the HT66FW2230, this new device includes greatly enhanced MCU resources in terms of I/O ports, Flash Program Memory and Data Memory. Holtek fully supports the device with a comprehensive suite of hardware and software development tools. It also provides a WPC Qi pre-test service for complete power and communication timing testing, thus reducing the certification time and development costs.

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