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Toshiba Memory Corporation Introduces XL-FLASH Storage Class Memory Solution

Published: Aug 06,2019

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Toshiba Memory announced the launch of a new Storage Class Memory (SCM) solution: XL-FLASH. Based on the company’s innovative BiCS FLASH 3D flash memory technology with 1bit-per-cell SLC, XL-FLASH brings low latency and high performance to data center and enterprise storage. Sample shipments will start in September, with mass production expected to begin in 2020.

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Classified as SCM (or persistent memory), with the ability to retain its contents like NAND flash memory, XL-FLASH bridges the performance gap that exists between DRAM and NAND. While volatile memory solutions such as DRAM provide the access speed needed by demanding applications, that performance comes at a high cost. As the cost-per-bit and scalability of DRAM levels off, this new SCM (or persistent memory) layer in the memory hierarchy addresses that issue with a high density, cost effective, non-volatile NAND flash memory solution.

Sitting in between DRAM and NAND flash, XL-FLASH brings increased speed, reduced latency and higher storage capacities – at a lower cost than traditional DRAM. XL-FLASH will initially be deployed in an SSD format but could be expanded to memory channel attached devices that sit on the DRAM bus, such as future industry standard non-volatile dual in-line memory modules (NVDIMMs).

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