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HOLTEK New BS83A04C Low Power Enhanced Touch MCU

Published: May 20,2020

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Holtek announced the release of a new generation high noise immunity Enhanced Touch I/O Flash MCU, the BS83A04C. This device has low power characteristics, making it especially suitable for low power applications, home appliances and consumer products which require touch keys, such as Bluetooth headphones, power banks, smart wristbands, water dispensers, air cleaners, kitchen scales, etc.

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With an operating voltage of 3V, the BS83A04C average operating current is less than 3μA when implementing a 4 touch key detect function. In addition, the device has high noise immunity and has passed the CS (Conductive Susceptibility) 10V dynamic testing. The device has an operating voltage range of 1.8V~5.5V and includes an I²C interface as well as eight flexible function I/Os. The BS83A04C is pin-compatible with the BS83B04C and is supplied in 8-pin SOP, 10-pin DFN and 10-pin MSOP package types.

Holtek also fully supports the device with a comprehensive suite of hardware and software development tools. The software includes a touch key function library which enables designers to develop their products more rapidly. The hardware development tool is known as the e-Link which works together with an OCDS evaluation MCU to provide users with an actual MCU device with which development emulation and debug can be implemented.

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