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Toshiba Launches Ultra-Low Current Consumption CMOS Operational Amplifier

Published: Sep 29,2020

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Toshiba has added “TC75S102F,” a new CMOS operational amplifier featuring industry-leading ultra-low current consumption to its lineup. Shipments start today.

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Operational amplifiers boost weak signals from sensor, and to support longer use between charges of battery-operated equipment, including IoT edge devices and mobile devices, they must also deliver lower current consumption.

Toshiba has used its CMOS process technology to optimize the circuitry of the new operational amplifier and lowered its power consumption by securing industry-leading low current consumption. With a minimum supply voltage of 1.5V, the new device is a full-range input/output (Rail-to-Rail input/output) operational amplifier that offers higher performance than its predecessor.

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