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Pulsonix PCB Design Adds 3D Collision Detection

By Joanne Lin
Published: Apr 21,2022

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Folded boards showing detected clashes between boards

Tewkesbury, UK– Pulsonix Announces the release of Pulsonix version 12.0, which adds new capabilities, speed improvements, and requested usability enhancements.

“Version 12.0 offers a significant step up for our users in the areas of the PCB design process that they say would benefit them the most, ” said Bob Williams, marketing director for Pulsonix. “The new 3D design features along with 64-bit processing and multi-core support allow our designers to quickly visualize design changes in 3D even with large designs and stacked boards.”

Pulsonix 3D capabilities now include 3D collision detection for both multi-board designs and board folding. This allows designers to visualize boards in a stacked or folded configuration and to verify boards and components fit together in the intended space. Automated clash detection will flag any space violations, and there is a new capability that allows designers to ignore clashes that are intended for known connection points like plugs and sockets.

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