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Phison Announces Customizable PCIe Gen4x4 Enterprise SSDs And Form Factors

By Joanne Lin
Published: Jun 15,2022

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San Jose, Calif– Phison Electronics Corp unveils two new PCIe Gen4x4 Enterprise Class SSDs: the EPR3750 in M.2 2280 form factor and the EPR3760 in M.2 22110 form factor.

According to Phison said, The EPR3750 and EPR3760 SSDs are backward compatible in PCIe Gen3 M.2 slots at even faster speeds while offering enhancements when matched with PCIe Gen4 chipsets. Also, the EPR3750 and EPR3760 SSDs provide a faster quality of service (QoS) command execution with Enterprise SSD firmware. Workstation and Server boot applications require consistent and predictable performance from storage. Phison’s new SSDs are ideal to use as boot drives in workstations, servers, and in Network Attached Storage (NAS) and RAID environments.

“The installed base for PCIe Gen3 M.2 2280 and 22110 slots measures in the tens of millions of units. Phison’s commitment to supply Enterprise class PCIe Gen4 SSDs in this form factor that are backward compatible in PCIe Gen3 slots will be valued by many end customers and businesses that need a reliable source of supply to upgrade their PCIe Gen3 Enterprise SSDs to Gen4,” said Don Jeanette, Vice President SSD Research for Trendfocus.

“Phison works closely with our valued partners and flash storage brands to customize the EPR3750 and EPR3760 SSDs, powered by Phison’s PCIe Gen4 E18DC controller, with features to equip their customers with advantages that will meet their demanding applications,” said Michael Wu, Phison U.S. President and General Manager. “Through our customizable SSD platforms that define advantages unique to each customer, our partners are able to scale their own successful businesses with their own brand.”

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