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LEOTEK launch color change LED light bulb

Published: Nov 07,2013

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LEOTEK, Lite-On Group subsidiary, officially entered the home lighting market, and introduce the color change LED bulbs, it can switch lighting color from white to yellow in one second, and have 320 degree of lighting angle with two-year warranty for the product life.

LED home lighting require durable, efficient heat dissipation , light angle . LEOTEK using a special heat dissipation design, to ensure that hot air is not hoarding , and reached two years durable , and consistent with international norms light type standard 320 -degree full light .

To closer to the consumer needs , LEOTEK design the world 's first to have a yellow , warm white LED bulbs , one second to switch yellow, white, easily convert home atmosphere , and also through CNS 15436 LED bulb security, international IEC 62471 Photobiological safety certification, LED home lighting will become the new standard .

In addition, to practice caring spirit of the brand , LEOTEK has a unique packaging design concept with "home", to be passed not only LEOTEK want to illuminate the determination of each family in Taiwan , and also hope that appeal to consumers' attention to home lighting , lit with a beautiful family life.

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