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IoT Developer Kit to Speed Up System Development

Published: Sep 24,2015

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To help system integrators and academic institutions quickly learn and develop IoT applications, before they’re implemented in the real world, Advantech has launched the WISE-4012E IoT Developer Kit.

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With the Internet of Things (IoT) becoming the next big thing, more and more developers are involved in developing new projects with cloud connectivity. To help developers start their first IoT project and save them from having to purchase a host of extra items to build and test applications for their customers, the WISE-4012E kit comes with everything you need to begin developing projects using the WISE-4000 series modules, IoT applications and simulating real-world projects.

The kit comes with: an extension board to insert into the WISE-4012E and simulate the sensor status of devices such as thermometers; a micro-USB to USB Type A cable for power input; a flat screwdriver for connecting wires and WebAccess 8.0 with a real-world demo on a USB drive.

The WISE-4012E can be accessed directly without an access point and configured through mobile devices with a HTML5 compatible web browser.

To ensure the data can be accessed and configured from anywhere, the WISE-4012E and the WISE-4000 support local data storage, public cloud such as Dropbox, and private cloud by RESTful web API.

In addition to being useful for system integrators, the WISE-4012E developer kit is an excellent option for students and academic institutions to learn how to program devices using Modbus/TCP protocols and the RESTful Web API and the Internet of Things.

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