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Advantech Unveils IoT Gateway Starter Kit

Published: Apr 13,2016

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Advantech announced its IoT gateway starter kit. The whole package includes a ready-to-run system (Intel Celeron J1900 platform & Windows 7 Embedded), IoT software platform service (WISE-PaaS), software development kit and technical support service. This gateway is also verified to work with the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. With it, you can take your IoT innovation to market faster and create new business value.

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For IoT developers and system integrators, this gives the flexibility to create innovative and cost-effective IoT solutions. It provides powerful building blocks to connect various existing Things, and unifies different protocols as IoT standard: MQTT, then empowers IoT application development for data streaming, analytics and prediction solutions.

In environments like buildings, all targeted devices can be connected to the internet for data transmission and processing. Building administrators can then sit in the central control room, viewing a dashboard to manage the situation for maximum efficiency.

An iFactory developer can bring all heterogeneous systems to an intelligent network, transform their data into a unified format standard for IoT communication and central management, and coordinate all systems so they work synergistically.

For a retail system integrator, it provides a simple way to integrate multiple systems and provide a cloud platform for creating business intelligence, using IoT technology to collect and analyze data to improve business strategies and practices.

Besides ready-to-run gateway system, a software solution is also included in the package. This includes WISE-PaaS/RMM Pro version: IoT device remote monitoring and management software for data management, device monitoring/control and security (Intel Security McAfee).

And WISE-PaaS/RMM is ready on Microsoft Azure Marketplace to enable big data analytic services. And we provide SDK, 100+ RESTful APIs, Node-RED logic editor design tools and documents.

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