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New 21″ Medical Panel PC from Avalue – HID-2132

Published: Nov 09,2016

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Avalue Technology is releasing a brand new fanless medical panel pc, HID-2132, in November, 2016. With high computing power, credible system stability, anti-microbial finish and UL 60601-1 medical certification, HID-2132 mainly targets at medical and healthcare applications such as patient infotainment terminal, hospital information system, special care (AAC), and nursing carts.

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Powered with Intel 6th Gen Core-i/Celeron processor, HID-2132 provides high computing ability and low power consumption, allowing hospitals to run medical related applications efficiently yet at the same time save energy. HID-2132 supports Full HD display and P-CAP multi-touch up to 10 points, giving users an extraordinary visual and touch control experience.

HID-2132 is designed with 4*USB 3.0, which transfer data about 10 times faster than USB 2.0, 1*RS-232/422/485, selectable by BIOS and 1*RS-232 to cater to installer’s different needs as well as 2*GLAN, offering speedy data transaction.

Furthermore, Avalue offers isolated USB/COM/LAN port to provide extra protection to the operator, patient and asset. Additionally, Avalue also provides optional RFID/NFC/SCR/MSR/Wifi/Bluetooth module, optional handset with 1D barcode scanner and internal smart battery which can keep the system running for at least extra 20 minutes when there is an interruption of power, giving the operators enough time to save data, restore power supply or shut down the system.

At the back of this fanless medical pc, there is an I/O cover for installers to better manage cables. The front of HID-2132 is full flat design and IP65 compliant, grants installers the ease to clean and maintain. LED reading light bar located at the bottom of HID-2132 provides users with illumination when ward lighting is unavailable. With UL-60601-1 4th edition medical certificate and an anti-microbial finish, HID-2132 is medical environment ready.

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