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OVEN Industries Adds Sophisticated Precision In-house Conformal Coating Equipment

Published: Nov 11,2016

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OVEN Industries (OI) announces expansion of its in-house Printed Circuit Board protective capabilities by adding sophisticated precision conformal coating equipment.

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A conformal coating is a thin protective chemical coating (usually clear) that 'conforms' to the circuit board topology. Its purpose is to protect electronic circuits from harsh environments that may contain moisture, vibration and or chemical contaminants. These environmental conditions can easily cause a printed circuit board to have intermittent functionality or not operate at all.

OVEN Industries is in the business of assembling electronic temperature and sensor devices and complete and fully tested systems. OI must take quality measures to adequately protect the finished products. Furthermore, it is always important during the manufacture of a printed circuit board assembly, to minimize the amount of times the product is touched or handle by individuals.

The equipment utilized, in the conformal coating application at OVEN Industries is in-house and eliminates the need to outsource this requirement. This process can also perform selective conformal coatings pinpointing the clear protective coating result to a specific area or onto specific components. OI expects the equipment to be fully operational by January 1, 2017.

Oven Industries, Inc. (OI) was founded in 1964 and specializes in the development of custom electronic temperature controllers and sensors along with extensive turnkey Contract Manufacturing capabilities and International Sourcing. OI also carries a full line of standard products, purchasable online, including temperature controllers and sensors, power supplies, heat sinks, thermistors and thermocouples.

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