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EEC Introduces the 6900S AC Power Source Series

Published: May 24,2017

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Extech Electronic (EEC) introduces the next generation in clean, stable, and reliable power sources for testing newly designed electronic products and prototypes— the 6900S Series AC Power Source. The 6900S series provides the flexible, high-quality performance needed for tackling today’s most demanding testing scenarios across multiple industries.

The 6900S AC power source features an intuitive user interface that enhances operational efficiencies during test applications. Real-time, clickable-button adjustment and three fast-recall memory settings make it easy for engineers or manufacturing operators to access and set up measurement parameters directly from the front panel.

The 6900S Series offers a wide range of user-friendly output settings to easily and effectively simulate specific application power outlet and AC power conditions. With an adjustable voltage range of 0-310V and output frequencies of 40-450Hz, the 6900S series allows designers and manufacturers to recreate the unexpected power fluctuations that can occur on real-world grids, helping them provide safer products for their customers.

With potent performance features like high inrush current and crest factors, the 6900S series delivers superior power at minimal expense. For added versatility, the 6900s series offers power rating selections from 500VA up to 5000VA to meet any and all applications needs: home electronic appliances, power adapters, LEDs, and even laboratory tests. Flexibility, ease of use, and an unbeatable price-to-performance ratio keep your business running smoothly and efficiently.

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