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u-blox Announces World’s Smallest LTE Cat M1/NB1 Multimode Module

Published: Jul 19,2017

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u-blox announced the SARA R410M 02B, a configurable LTE Cat M1/NB1 multi mode module with worldwide coverage. It is the industry’s smallest module available in the market today, measuring just 16 x 26 mm, to offer both LTE Cat M1 and Cat NB1 in a single hardware package, as well as software based configurability for all deployed bands. The SARA R410M 02B multi mode global module supports ultra low power consumption and cost optimized solutions making it ideal for the development of LPWA IoT applications.

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SARA R410M 02B allows customers to use a single hardware version globally. This provides enormous efficiencies in logistics and SKU management. Customers can easily respond to changes in business or market conditions, since supported frequencies and operator configuration decisions can now be made at “zero hour” or even later in the field. The flexibility extends further with the ability to select modes dynamically between Cat M1and Cat NB1 as either single or preferred connection.

“The innovations included in the u blox SARA R410M 02B provide customers with the potential to dramatically expand market reach, to differentiate their products and maximize their return-on-investment using this single, versatile, global solution,” said Patty Felts, Principal Product Manager, Cellular at u-blox. “SARA R410M 02B provides new and inventive ways to broaden horizons and to realize economies of scale that simply were not possible or feasible until now. It is an exciting advance in u blox’s leadership position in cellular IoT connectivity.”

Critical firmware updates can be delivered with u blox proprietary uFOTA (firmware over the air) client/server solution that uses LWM2M, a light and compact protocol that is ideal for IoT applications. This enables customers to continue using the same hardware for future enhancements to features, functionalities or operator certifications, making it well suited for crucial applications running on devices that may be deployed in the field over long periods of time.

Another benefit of SARA R410M 02B is the hardware readiness for future support of voice functionality via VoLTE over Cat M1, which can be used for applications requiring a level of human interaction, as is the case for security applications such as alarm panels. Thanks to u blox nested design, migration to SARA R4 Series from other u blox 2G, 3G and 4G modules is made easy.

SARA R410M 02B provides an extended temperature range of -40 to +85°C, and supports Power Save Mode (PSM) and Extended Discontinuous Reception (e-DRX), which can extend battery lifetime up to 10 years.

3GPP Coverage Enhancement permits the module’s connectivity to reach deeper into buildings and basements, and even underground when compared to other air interface technologies such as GSM or Cat 1.

The SARA R4 Series covers applications in many areas, such as gas / water / electricity metering, city street lighting, building automation, HVAC, industrial monitoring and control, telematics, insurance, asset & vehicle tracking, security systems, alarm panels, outpatient monitoring and many consumer wearables.

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