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ASIX EtherCAT P One Cable Solution

Published: Dec 12,2018

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EtherCAT P One Cable Solution (with EtherCAT data lines and two 24V DC/3A power supplies)

ASIX Electronics announces a new AX58100 EtherCAT Slave Controller solution in March, 2018. The AX58100 integrates two embedded Fast Ethernet PHYs, SPI Master, PWM/ABZ/Hall Encoder, Digital I/O, etc. interfaces to provide a simple design and cost effective EtherCAT slave controller solution. Implementing the EtherCAT P One Cable solution, AX58100 can further simplify the EtherCAT network environment setup.

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To simplify the EtherCAT network setup, EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG) announced a new EtherCAT P standard in 2016 to enable one to use a single standard 4-wire industrial Ethernet cable not only for data transmission, but also for two electrically isolated, individually switchable 24V DC/3A power supplies (Us for system and sensor supply; and Up for actuator peripheral voltage). The two individual 24V DC/3A power supplies (Us and Up) are daisy chained (cascadable) through the EtherCAT P Ethernet magnetic power circuits of EtherCAT P devices.

The EtherCAT P is 100% EtherCAT-compatible, and all EtherCAT features such as 100Mbps Full-duplex, Processing On-the-Fly, Distributed Clocks, flexible network topologies (star, line, tree), etc. are fully applicable to EtherCAT P devices.

On typical EtherCAT applications, each EtherCAT system board, sensor and actuator require separate power supplies; users need more time and more installation space to setup the EtherCAT network environment. Using the EtherCAT P One Cable solution, each EtherCAT system board, sensor and actuator can get the required power from the EtherCAT P cable directly; users can more easily setup the EtherCAT P network environment and need smaller installation space.

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