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Lextar supplies high-volume availability of AEC-Q102 qualified VCSELs to automakers

Published: Jan 26,2022

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For expanding ToF 3D application, a subsidiary of Ennostar group- Lextar Electronics passed strict AEC-Q102 standard and went mass production in 2020, and has started to supply high quality VCSELs to EU and USA automakers since 2021.

Lextar's high-efficiency PV88Q VCSEL series have extremely high environmental resistance (-40°C~125°C) which can be operated without active cooling and meet strict automotive environmental standards.The special optical design provides field of view (FoV) from 45° to 120° to meet different product design needs of customers, especially suitable for in-cabin driving monitoring systems (DMS), advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and 3D gesture recognition applications in the car center control helping drivers improve driving safety and upgrade user experience.

Mitch Lee, deputy general manager of Lextar Electronics Business Group said, "The PV88Q VCSEL product has passed the vehicle regulation certification and has been mass-produced, now, we have successfully delivered to EU and USA automakers, which symbolizes that Lextar's product design and manufacturing technology in high-end laser packaging has entered a new milestone, also proven Lextar’s capability to provide efficient and reliable sensing components for the intelligent driving monitoring system in the car."

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