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Worldwide LTE Subscribers to Hit 205 Million in 2Q 2014

Published: May 22,2014

Worldwide Mobile Subscriber database, worldwide LTE subscribers will reach the 205-million milestone in 2Q 2014. There are 238 operators in 101 countries with LTE networks up and running, according to Taiwan's MIC.

Highlights of MIC Worldwide Mobile Subscriber database’s latest LTE research findings include:

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- 101 commercial LTE networks deployed in 41 countries.

- More than 20.3 million LTE subscribers (May 2014)

- UK EE’s subscribers exceeded 2.9 million and UK Hutchison 3G’s reached 1.7 million in May 2014


- 54 commercial LTE networks deployed in 17 countries.

- 94.5 million LTE subscribers with 46.1% of worldwide share. (May 2014)

- Verizon’s LTE subscriber surpassed 47.9 million and AT&T’s reached 30.2 million in 1Q 2014.


- 58 commercial LTE networks deployed in 24 countries.

- 82.7 million LTE subscribers with 40.3% of worldwide share. (May 2014)

- LTE subscribers in Japan reached 40 million while Korea’s hit 30 million in May 2014.

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Figure I

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