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The Conservation Mentality of Smart Agriculture Systems

By 王明德
Published: Jul 27,2016


The Conservation Mentality of Smart Agriculture Systems

Wisdom agriculture to environmental control technology to replace the plant growth environment of traditional agriculture, and environmental control system requires a lot of power, particularly electricity costs artificial light, accounted for more plant factory cost ratio of more than half, so how energy efficiency will be the construction of the wisdom of Agriculture the most important issue...

China’s Motion Control Market Potential

In recent years, China’s consumer products have been rapidly changing. In addition to a continual increase in the amount of products, there has been a gradual increase in the development of high-level quality products. With this state of affairs...

China’s Motion Control Market Potential

Mainland labor costs rising in recent years, coupled with deepening economic restructuring, local manufacturers are forced to overweight bets motion control R & D, this opinion, the mainland manufacturers in motion control technology progress, faster than expected Taiwanese manufacturers...

An In-Depth Visit to the ARM Taiwan CPU Design Center

In September 2015 the ARM CPU Design Center formally opened in Hsinchu, Taiwan. It is not only Taiwan’s first CPU design center but also the first ARM design center in Asia. The center specializes in Cortex-M processor development for IoT use...

CIGS Solar Batteries Bring New Possibilities to Wearables

People all around the world are considerably enthusiastic about developing eco-friendly resources, and governments of all nations hope to be able to increase the proportion of renewable energy sources. Of all the feasible renewable energy sources...

CyanogenMod, New opportunities for Taiwan SMEs

Care to get your handset’s operating sysytem (OS) customized? Here comes the CyanogenMod (CM), which is all the rage for the reason it’s aiming at replacing Google’s Android. William Liang, former Senior Director at innovation Digital System Business Group (iDSBG) System Software Division Operating System Department of Hon Hai Technology...

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