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MediaTek is Shaping our Future

By Vincent Wang
Published: Jun 30,2014

The world is becoming a more connected place and MediaTek is making it happen. Its technology not only powers the smartphones and tablets helping people around the world get online, but also the Smart TVs and wearable technology that offer completely new ways to communicate.

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According to MediaTek, they are working hard to bring the Internet of Things to life, where everything and everyone can talk to each other using the internet.

MediaTek makes life easier and more enjoyable, often in ways people couldn't even imagine a few years ago. Its technology expands horizons and creates new opportunities to discover more about the world, giving rise to a new generation of coders, unlocking new creative talent and inventing new ways of doing business — and to do it for everyone.

Figure I: MediaTek makes its debut in COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2014 (source: MediaTek)
Figure I: MediaTek makes its debut in COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2014 (source: MediaTek)

With the right help, MediaTek believes anyone can achieve something amazing, even if it's just in a small way that this idea is being called Everyday Genius and everything they do is dedicated to making it happen.

MediaTek is a fabless semiconductor company, which is another way of saying they design chips for electronic devices that their partners manufacture.

The expertise of MediaTek is in shrinking multiple components into a chip no larger than your fingernail. So where anything from a DVD player to a smartphone used to require a complex array of chips to perform their many sophisticated tasks, they can now do the same thing with just one or two.

This tight integration of components makes all kinds of technology much more efficient and the more efficient something is, the more it can do with even less resources. More importantly, it makes technology affordable to all.

Making technology more affordable and more accessible is something MediaTek is deeply committed to — and it's something that's at the very heart of Everyday Genius.

MediaTek has made its debut in COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2014 that has shown how they moved beyond the regular SoC wars and launched LinkIt, which is a development platform build to boost the wearables and Internet of Things (IoT) market.

Figure II: MediaTek's Aster is the smallest SoC on the market for IoT and wearable devices
Figure II: MediaTek's Aster is the smallest SoC on the market for IoT and wearable devices

LinkIt makes use of MediaTek's Aster SoC, which is the smalled SoC currently on the market, in a package size of 5.4 x 4.2 mm. The Aster SoC is a development platform which enables developers to create various form factors, functionality and internet connected services. The LinkIt platform is a new initiative from MediaTek Labs which will provide reference designs.

There will be a synergy between the microprocessor unit and communication modules. To help the developers further, there will also be modularity in the software architecture. LinkIt will also support over-the-air (OTA) updates for apps.

However, LinkIt is part of MediaTek's initiative for the developer community called MediaTek Labs, which is scheduled to launch in the third quarter this year. MediaTek is accepting registrations from developers on the same and will work closely with them to bring out affordable wearable or IoT devices.

“MediaTek is now in a unique position to assume leadership by accelerating development for wearables and IoT, thanks to our LinkIt platform,” said J.C. Hsu, General Manager of New Business Development at MediaTek.

“We are enabling an ecosystem of device makers, application developers and service providers to create innovations and new solutions for the Super-mid market.”

Figure III: MediaTek MT3188 Multimode Wireless Charging
Figure III: MediaTek MT3188 Multimode Wireless Charging

Eric Li, President of Baidu said, “Baidu provides a wealth of services for its users on our Internet portal, and our offerings will enable MediaTek-powered devices to do much more than they already can. The IoT is inter-connecting devices, and we're connecting people with information via such devices. Our partnership with MediaTek will bring both of us closer to our respective goals.”

Chipset is like to soul to human beings, MediaTek is proudly presented different kinds of chipsets that can be applied in different devices. 4G octa-core MT6595 is designed for smartphones, while quad-core MT8382, dual-core MT8312, WiFi quad-core MT8127 are for tablets. And the SoC, MT7688 and MT7681 are for the use of smart home.

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