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Andes: Our 32-bit MCU‘s Power Consumption Lower Than TSMC's 8-bit

By Vincent Wang
Published: Apr 10,2014

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Andes Technology today held a press conference, which is hosted by its President Frankwell Lin and Chief Technical Officer Charlie Su, announced in advance that Andes is going to unveil a new platform IP, AE210P at the annual Andes-Embedded forum on May. However, Frankwell stated that their 32-bit microcontroller unit (MCU) consumes lower power than TSMC's 8-bit MCU.

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“Looking forward, the 32-bit MCU will be a standard and trend. Take AndesCore N801 and TSMC's 8051 into account, N801 is better than 8051 in terms of power efficiency, gate count, and performance.” said President of Andes, Frankwell Lin.

“We are excited about the market trend. Theoretically speaking, using the same effort to design a 8-bit and 32-bit MCU, 32-bit MCU's logic gate count can't be smaller than 8-bit's counter part. But, it is ROM size holding program and constant data that 32-bit MCU can be smaller due to the efficiency of handling 16-bit or 32-bit data. Total system cost, including CPU size plus ROM size, is what really matters. ” Frankwell Lin added.

At the coming Andes-Embedded forum, a new platform IP, AE210P will also be rolled out. “AE210P is a configurable low-power platform IP for MCU, commonly-used IP's are being integrated and verified in a platform, also easy to use, easy to extend.” Frankwell Lin added.

Charlie Su further explanied that AE210P is a MCU platform for N7, N8, and N9, with its high performance efficiency and low-power consumption that can cover all MCU applications such as generic MCU, Internet of Things (IoT), wearable devices, smart sensors, and power management.

They also introduced their coming new extensible core EN801, which is extending beyond today's performance horizon based on Andes Custom Extension. Hence, major boosting in performance and power, wider range of applications than achievable with hardwired functinos, inheriting from highly-optimized N801, unbounding custom extension, multiply-and-add taking 20 lines of ACE mode are the customer benefits.

Last but not least, in response to Morris Chang's “next three big things”,Frankwell Lin suggested that the wireless charging will also be a trend in the near future, especially when more and more consumers are using wearable devices.

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