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ARM Cortex-M0 Audio SoC Will Be A New Growth Driver

By Vincent Wang
Published: Oct 24,2014

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Winbond Electronics Friday announced the financial results for the third quarter of 2014. On a consolidated basis including memebers of Winbond Electronics and Nuvoton Technology, net sales were NT$9.931 billion, up 2 percent quarter of quarter.

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Dai Shang-yi, General Manager of Nuvoton Technology highlighted that the ARM Cortex M0 Audio SoC will be new growth driver of the company.

On the financial part, gross margin was 28 percent, net income for the third quarter was NT$962 million, earning per share was NT$0.25.

Dai Shang-yi said that as far as memory business is concerned, revenue in the third quarter from Specialty DRAM accounted for 54 percent of net sales. The Specialty DRAM revenue was up 10 percent quarter of quarter thanks to increased demand in automotive, industrial, STB and TV as well as increased business in KGD.

“We unveiled many new products in the third quarter, including ARM Cortex- M4 32-bit M451 MCU series, an the new Intel supported SkyLake platform SIO and EC. In the fourth quarter going to roll out the ARM Cortex- M0 Audio SoC, which will be a new growth driver. New products will cover wearables, Internet of Things, and card readers.” Dai Shang-yi added.

Dai Shang-yi explained revenue in the third quarter from Mobile DRAM accounted for 11 percent of net sales, down 11 percent quarter of quarter because of product seasonality in model change and customers' business plan adjustents.

According to the company, revenue in the third quarter from Flash Memory accounted for 35 percent of net sales, and the sales and gross margin remained stable by improving products and customers mix. In addition, 1Gb SLC NAND Flash started to ramp.

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