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MediaTek: Has No Plans for Microsoft Collaboration

By Korbin Lan
Published: May 14,2015

TAIPEI, Taiwan - MediaTek yesterday in Taiwan at a product conference announced that in 2016, they will continue to launch LTE modem chips, which are manufactured in smaller sizes, and they also confirmed that they will continue using multi-core designs. In addition, they also emphasized that they still are not thinking in terms of autonomous architecture and that there are no plans for collaborations with Microsoft.

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MediaTek is currently formally launching a new type of Helio X20 mobile processor chip that uses 20nm manufacturing, and the chip has 10 cores with 3 CPU cluster architecture. Smartphones which are equipped with the Helio X20 are expected to hit the market at the end of this year. 

MediaTek stated that multi-file operation design makes subdivision of processors possible, and this facilitates better battery power efficiency. Furthermore, it allows for the devices to be used for longer periods of time while also ensuring the efficiency of other related functions.

Currently, MediaTek processors use ARM architecture, and they do not have plans to develop their own autonomous architecture. MediaTek believes that although they would be able to enter into more customized technology with their own autonomous architecture, it the end these technologies would still be designed within the scope of ARM architecture. In practice it would not necessarily produce a noticeable difference in efficiency.

As for MediaTek’s competitor, Qualcomm will continue their collaboration with Microsoft, and they will definitely enter into the development of cellphones, IoT devices, and Windows 10 applications. MediaTek stated that for the time being they have no plans to collaborate with Microsoft and will instead continue to primarily concentrate on Android and Linux platforms.

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