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Taiwan Government to Demand Apple Announce CPU Manufacturers

By Korbin Lan
Published: Oct 15,2015

iPhone 6s A9 processor(source:ifixit)

TAIPEI, Taiwan - The Apple iPhone 6 A9 processor, due to inconsistent battery life has caused dissatisfaction among Taiwanese consumers. Furthermore, Taiwan’s National Communications Commission (NCC) plans to go through legal channels to require that Apple openly provide information about processor manufacturers.

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The NCC stated that within three months the proposed plan will require brand name cell phone companies to disclose detailed information about the source of phones’ internally equipment, such as chips.

The A9 processor controversy has arisen because Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd. (TSMC) OEM’s battery life is superior to Samsung’s, and Apple has confirmed that the battery life in Taiwan OEM processors is approximately 2%-3% higher than in the Samsung version. This has resulted in a wave of dissatisfaction among consumers in Taiwan and Hong Kong who wish to exchange their phones for iPhones equipped with A9 processors manufactured by the TSMC.

Due to consumer complaints, Taiwan’s Legislative Yuan has demanded that the responsible administrative authority, the NCC, adopt necessary measures to compel companies to openly state the source and manufacturer of key cell phone components.

Yu Hsiao-Cheng, Vice Chairman of the NCC stated that the NCC exercises jurisdiction over telecommunications companies, and telecommunications companies make sales with rates tied to smart phones. Consequently, the NCC can make it mandatory for telecommunications companies to require cell phone manufacturers to inform consumers about the key components used in cell phones.

Yu Hisao-Cheng stated that telecommunications companies will be required to ask cell phone manufacturers to disclose information about important internal parts, especially those with significant discrepancies for consumer use such as efficiency, power consumption, camera pixels, and monitors in order to find a solution to this matter within three months.

However, the NCC also stated that although Apple is not under NCC jurisdiction, they will communicate with Apple through the appropriate channels.

(TR/Phil Sweeney)

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