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Hon Hai Declares Intention to Purchase Toshiba's Chip Business

By Korbin Lan
Published: Mar 02,2017

TAIPEI, Taiwan - Hon Hai Chairman Terry Gou yesterday for the first time confirmed that Hon Hai has aspirations and is seriously considering an acquisition of Toshiba Corporation's memory-chip business. In addition, Hon Hai pointed out in a statement yesterday evening that they need memory chip business operations.

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In the statement, Hon Hai commented that their business affairs will require large amounts of memory support. Both 8K imaging and big data applications process large quanitities of data while simultaneously driving growth in the amount of data. Consequently, they have huge memory requirements.

In addition, Hon Hai has capital and markets at their disposal which can assist Toshiba in construction and sales, and they have no market monopoloy issues.

Hon Hai Chairman Terry Gou yesterday confirmed for the first time that they have aspirations to purchase Toshiba's flash memory business and said, “Regarding the chip business, we are seriously considering it.”

Terry Gou also stated that Hon Hai is Toshiba's client, and if Toshiba Corporation is given its memory-chip business to Hon Hai, Hon Hai can assist Toshiba's business operations and invite Toshiba to establish factories in China while allowing also Toshiba to keep their core technologies in Japan.

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