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Tecno Enjoying Steady Growth in the African Smartphone Market, MIC Says

Published: Jul 24,2017

Though not listed in the world’s top 10 smartphone brands, Tecno has made outstanding achievements, securing the second place in the African smartphone market in 2016, according to Taipei-based research institute MIC (Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute).

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"Founded in 2006, Tecno entered the African market in 2008 with its first feature phone T570. In 2016, Tecno was the largest mobile phone brand in Tanzania and Nigeria with a market share of 41% and 31% respectively," says Shih-Zong Huang, industry analyst with MIC.

“Apart from providing smartphones with functions designed for young people's mobile entertainment needs, Tecno has created a software-based mobile entertainment ecosystem to improve user experience. The strategy of aligning hardware and software together has enabled Tecno to expand in the Africa smartphone market and made it the 16th most loved brand in Africa in 2016.”

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