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Oxford Instruments to Expand Its Asia-Pacific R&D Center at ITRI

Published: Aug 09,2017

TAIPEI, Taiwan - Oxford Instruments plc, an internationally renowned precision instruments design and manufacturing conglomerate, announced today that it intends to increase personnel at its R&D base located at the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) in Taiwan. It also plans to leverage ITRI's R&D capacities to strengthen the cooperative relationship in the development of innovative technologies.

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Y. Tim Tsai, Advisor at the Department of Industrial Technology under the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and Catherine Nettleton, Representative of the British Office Taipei, jointly witnessed the formal signing of the Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation between Oxford Instruments and ITRI by ITRI Vice President Jia-Ruey Duann and Finance Director of Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology Adam Jaufurally. In the future, cooperation will be expanded to MEMS, micro-LED, silicon photonics, and the development of other semiconductor optoelectronic components and equipment technology.

Dr. Duann remarked that ITRI possesses abundant talent and capabilities in semiconductor and optoelectronics R&D. Its plentiful research achievements are spread across the upstream, midstream, and downstream industrial chains, underpinning vibrant development of related industries in Taiwan, he said. ITRI and Oxford Instruments first signed an MOU on cooperation in 2006, following which ITRI's MEMS Center and Oxford Instruments engaged in close cooperation and successfully developed HB-LED-related technology.

The expanding research capacities under the latest agreement will not only aid in the future development of traditional LED-related technology, but also will focus on cooperation in emerging technologies and applications in the fields of micro-LED and silicon photonics. It is hoped the collaborative efforts will promote semiconductor technology applications here and expedite economic growth in Asian emerging markets, Dr. Duann said.

Mr. Jaufurally commented that Oxford Instruments, a multinational company that designs and makes state-of-the-art instruments, provides its advanced products and services throughout the world. Oxford Instruments, he said, is attracted to Taiwan due to the key leading technology and comprehensive industrial chain exhibited within its semiconductor industry. ITRI plays an important role in technology R&D, and therefore Oxford Instruments is interested in expanding its collaboration with ITRI and Taiwan industry. The company will jointly hold precision testing/analysis training courses with ITRI, making ITRI an important base for Oxford Instruments in the Asia-Pacific in training engineering R&D personnel, he said.

The British Office Taipei expressed strong support for technology cooperation between Taiwan and the UK. Ms. Nettleton said the British government looks quite favorably on Oxford Instruments' expanded cooperation with ITRI, along with bilateral interaction in technology and innovation. The UK, she said, will actively assist British enterprises and startups in engaging in R&D cooperation in Taiwan.

The UK this year has set out five priority areas for technological cooperation with Taiwan, namely life sciences, advanced manufacturing, digital economy, space science, and clean energy, which correspond to the "5+2" Industrial Innovation Plan currently being promoted by the Taiwan government. Ms. Nettleton expects these efforts will further strengthen innovative cooperation in these fields.

After the MOU signing, Oxford Instruments also held a seminar on state-of-the-art nanoanalysis and plasma technology applications, during which it will share new solutions for the semiconductor market. Department of Industrial Technology under the Ministry of Economic Affairs also expressed strong support for collaboration between Oxford Instruments and ITRI.

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