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UL Taiwan Laboratory Named the World's First Laboratory with IEC 62619:2017 Certification

Published: Aug 21,2017

TAIPEI, Taiwan - Underwriters Laboratories (UL) announced that UL Taiwan has been named the first testing laboratory with global IEC 62619:2017 laboratory certification. IEC 62619:2017 is a global standard for industrial rechargeable batteries which was formally awarded in February of this year. It is used for large-sized lithium batteries for applications such as energy storage and power.

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Focusing on safety issues, IEC 62619:2017 specifications are used for safety requirements and testing methods of industrial rechargeable lithium battery cores. They are used in products which include stationary power supply system UPS, power storage systems, and emergency (standby) power supplies as well as power applications for stackers, golf carts, automated guided vehicles (AGV), railways, and navies. For safety considerations it is also being extended into use for testing evaluations of functional safety, thermal diffusion, and incineration.

For both portable lithium batteries and large-sized batteries, because of the risks from their larger capacities and complex use environments, the safety requirements are relatively stringent, explained UL Taiwan CEO Chen Zong-hong.

Chen Zong-hong also stated, “In Taiwan, UL has already established the only domestic executable testing center for large-sized battery products that can provide testing certifications which meet the testing requirements of European, North American, Japanese, and Taiwanese markets including IEC, UL, JIS, C8715-2, and CNS. This time it will be recognized again to serve as the world's first batch of CBTLs that can implement IEC 62619: 2017 and will assist Taiwanese manufacturers in meeting a wide variety of global standards and reduce the time required for certification procedures.

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