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UWin Nanotech Invited to Showcase Hydrometallurgy Precious Metals Recycling Technology at WCIT 2017

By Korbin Lan
Published: Sep 11,2017

Kenny Hsu(left 4), Managing Director of UWin Nanotech, with his team.

TAIPEI, Taiwan - The 21st annual Work Congress on Information Technology (WCIT) 2017 began yesterday in Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 1 and is being held once again in Taipei after 17 years. UWin Nanotech has been invited to showcase their precious metals recycling technology at WCIT 2017 and exhibit the optimal means of solving the e-waste problem of the digital technology era.

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WCIT is an annual event for the global communications industry which was started by the World Information Technology and Services Alliance ( WITSA) in 1978, and it was previously held in Taipei in the year 2000.

The theme of this year's WCIT exhibition is “Living the Digital Dream” and it will focus on the development of digital technologies in Taiwan. Taiwan's world-renowned hardware manufacturing capabilities and emerging software capabilities will be used to show off the new digital technology applications that have been produced through the integration of hardware and software in Taiwan.

In addition, the world's leading precious metals environmental recycling solutions provider, UWin Nanotech, has been invited to the WCIT exhibition to showcase their highly efficient and environmentally-friendly precious metals recycling technology. Through the utilization of their environmentally-friendly hydrometallurgy precious metals recycling technology, precious metals (gold, silver, etc.) can be quickly and efficiently stripped away from e-waste. Furthermore, the recycling efficiency of using their recycling technology is far greater than that of traditional incineration methods.

More importantly, the environmentally-friendly hydrometallurgy process utilized by UWin Nanotech will not produce materials which are harmful to the natural environment. In addition, it significantly reduces energy consumption while also reducing carbon emissions, which makes it an excellent solution for eliminating e-waste and a crucial link for today's digital generation.

In addition to creating an environmentally-friendly procedure for recycling precious metals, UWin Nanotech also anticipates being able to protect and restore natural ecosystems by diminishing the harm caused by human technologies to the environment. Kenny Hsu, Managing Director of UWin Nanotech, commented, “environmental protection is one of our goals; however, preserving natural ecosystems is an even more important vision for us, and we are looking forward to conveying this vision at the exhibition.”

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