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Faraday Launches SoReal! 2.0 Virtual Platform to Support Its FPGA Board

Published: Sep 27,2017

HSINCHU, Taiwan - Faraday Technology Corporation today announced the availability of its SoReal! 2.0 Virtual Platform. The upgraded solution enables Faraday’s SoCreative! FPGA board to connect to the customized SoC virtual platform, becoming a mixed prototyping approach.

Faraday first introduced the SoReal! Virtual Platform in 2014 providing VDK software to compliment the overall ASIC design service capability. The ready-to-use ASIC VDK software contains both virtual IP models and sample software, with complete debug and analysis tools creating a comprehensive out-of-the-box solution.

SoReal! 2.0 delivers essential VDK software coupled with the SoCreative! FPGA hardware coherent environment, enabling embedded software such as middleware, IP driver, OS, and application software to be easier developed based on the mixed prototypes that present the exact same architecture of the SoC.

“Integrating an entire SoC design into an FPGA platform is a time-tested method for early software development,” said Flash Lin, COO at Faraday Technology.

“Faraday’s SoC virtual platform provides our customers with a cutting-edge solution, designed to mitigate the time-consuming EVB debugging processes and accelerate SoC developments. By leveraging Faraday’s existing FPGA platform, the new SoReal! 2.0 Virtual Platform offers significant additional value to ASIC customers seeking earlier entry into the software development phase of their SoC projects.”

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