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New Forces Join Popular Team Group Gaming T-FORCE Series

Published: Sep 29,2017

TAIPEI, Taiwan – Team Group announced today the addition of new products as to their prestigious T-FORCE gaming line of products. Announced today, the T-FORCE arsenal welcomes the T-FORCE CARDEA ZERO M.2 PCI-E solid-state drive and the T-FORCE FORCE SABLE gaming mouse pad.

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Both designed by Team Group, the T-FORCE CARDEA ZERO is a patented M.2 PCI-e M.2 SSD featuring graphene copper foil cooling on the SSD module allowing the SSD to maximize cooling benefits from both natural passive cooling and directed air cooling via fans to deliver excellent heat dissipation. The T-FORCE CARDEA ZERO M.2 PCI-E SSD is the world’s first super slim SSD on the market built specifically for gaming laptops and high-performance tablet PCs.

The newly released T-FORCE GAMING mouse pad, the T-FORCE FORCE SABLE, features special 3D sensing technology to effectively enhance the performance of optical or laser-sensor gaming mice. The mouse itself is made from environmental-friendly fabric which provides better comfort and smoother control and is completely washable and easy to clean.

Utilizing graphene provided by Nitronix and designing combinations of different proportions of graphene and copper foil, the patented graphene copper foil heat spreader was achieved through stringent multiple verification. It offers excellent thermal cooling effect even in a closed space. Graphene’s excellent horizontal thermal conductivity and a better heat dissipation factor copper foil has compared to aluminum, T-FORCE CARDEA ZERO is built to fit any laptop/tablet PC, and prolongs their service life.

To optimize the heat dissipation performance of T-FORCE CARDEA ZERO, graphene, copper foil and insulation are combined together and the total thickness is only 0.18mm, which is the thinnest M.2 PCIe SSD on the market. Heat can be transferred away immediately so the SSD chips are kept at lower temperatures for optimal performance conditions.

The CARDEA ZERO can offer a stable transfer rate of more than 1000MB/s. The transfer speed is multiple times higher than SATA interface and allows consumers to enjoy high speed multimedia entertainment experience allowing improved responsiveness in applications and gaming.

Together with the excellent CARDEA ZERO, T-FORCE has also released the T-FORCE FORCE SABLE gaming mouse pad. Through the process of “hot stamping”, the FORCE SABLE’s texture can be achieved on the surface which is also made of special material. It not only eliminates the problem of uneven friction, the 3D sensing feature on the surface also provides better control for any type of mouse. The difference between T-FORCE FORCE SABLE and a traditional mouse pad is the fabric weaving texture and the application of the selected material. The surface friction is lower and offers smoother positioning when moving the mouse and enhances the stability and durability of the mouse pad. The FORCE SABLE’s bottom material is a high-grip surface that allows the mouse pad to create a firm grip on most desk surface its placed on. T-FORCE FORCE SABLE is totally repellent to liquid and has the ability to generate a lotus effect that keeps water droplets off the nano fabric surface. Team Group has always been a supporter of environmental safety and in-line with this vision, the T-FORCE FORCE SABLE is certified by the Bluesign system. It is made of environment-friendly materials which is RoHS compliant and has also passed FDA food grade testing. It has passed the high standard for wear-and-tear testing during the production process as well to guarantee superior product quality. There’s no odor produced with our selected materials and consumers can feel at ease.

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