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Advantech Announces Its Co-Creation Model and Global Deployment

Published: Mar 15,2018

TAIPEI, Taiwan - Advantech, the supplier of global intelligent systems in the inventor's conference announced that to enter the next stage of IIoT. They will start up the arrangement over the world, developing the local business, and to construct the ecosystem of industrial IoT (IIoT) based on the “co-creation model”, strengthen the influence of the vertical domain.

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Chaney Ho, President of Advantech Taiwan, stated that they will strengthen its brand recognition in IIoT and industry 4.0 market, and cultivate local talents and increase the key action of the local sales service centers. In that way, they can respond to the recent developments in Indusrtry 4.0 trends in the Europe, produce by the U.S and the China One Belt One Road need.

Besides, Advantech will also through the Regional Advisory Board (RAB) mechanism, facilitating around the world to process the long-term management and development of search engine optimization.

(TR/ Wu Yi Ling)

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