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Taiwan Establishes National Quantum Computer Research Project

By Korbin Lan
Published: Apr 12,2018

TAIPEI, Taiwan - Taiwan’s Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) yesterday held an “Exploring Secrets of Quantum Computing” press conference to announce the promotion of a quantum computing R&D project, which will integrate resources from the semiconductor industry in order to collectively develop quantum components manufacturing which utilizes integrated semiconductor quantum dots and heterogeneous 3D technologies to achieve the creation of large-scale quantum computer processors.

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MOST stated that in addition to centralized development, in 2017 MOST commissioned an academic research team to carry out planning for the development of quantum computing. Ten quantum computing development conferences have already been convened in Taiwan, and MOST has gone overseas to learn about the development of quantum computers and quantum communications.

Consequently, the MOST Department of Engineering and Technologies began planning for a “quantum computing” program to promote the development of quantum computing on a national level. The program will integrate the outstanding R&D resources of the domestic semiconductor industry with the development of quantum components manufacturing while also promoting the development of quantum mathematical operations, quantum communications, and quantum algorithms in Taiwan. The program is expected to foster the R&D and Masters and PhD level industry talent which will be necessary for the future of quantum computing technologies.

In addition, a quantum computing collaborative alliance will be jointly created with the industry world in order to catch up with international quantum computing development trends and encourage academic and industry worlds in Taiwan to get in sync with the rest of the world and promote related transformations and development in the industry.

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