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CyberLink Launches the World’s First AI Style Video Editing Plugin for Windows PC

Published: Apr 25,2018

CyberLink today announces the release of the CyberLink AI Style Plugin. The plugin works with CyberLink’s award-winning video editing software, PowerDirector 16, using artificial intelligence and deep learning to recreate artistic styles from the world’s most renowned artists, such as Van Gogh and Monet, and transform any original video into the artist’s style by using the strokes and color tones of a specific work of art.

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CyberLink’s AI Style Plugin is the world’s first video editing tool for PC that automatically transforms any footage into a live painting emulating the style of a famous artist. This unique solution runs locally on an edge computing environment and doesn’t need a fast internet connection to a cloud-based server. The plugin runs locally on systems with nVidia graphic cards supporting CUDA 3.0 or newer versions (e.g., nVidia GTX 650/ GT 640M). The tool can process full-length videos and output up to 4K cinematic resolution.

“Through the power of artificial intelligence and deep learning, we have been able to train our AI engine to possess an almost human-like understanding of the artistic process,” said Dr. Jau Huang, CEO of CyberLink. “With the CyberLink AI Style Plugin we’ve leveraged this research to deliver a quality, cutting-edge product for our PowerDirector users, helping them expand their creative horizons to places that were once unimaginable.”

Recently, the film “Loving Vincent” became the first fully painted feature-length film. Its creators took a traditional approach to transferring Van Gogh’s style to video, taking 125 full-time professionally trained oil painters to produce close to 65,000 original paintings over six years, which merged to make the film. The entire process came at a cost of $5.5 million. With CyberLink’s AI Style Plugin and Style Packs, PowerDirector users can recreate the pioneering style found in “Loving Vincent” for a fraction of the cost, time and effort.

While regular video editing filters simply overlay a general style on top of a clip, CyberLink’s AI Style Plugin uses deep learning to produce work that demonstrates a much greater understanding of the thought processes behind how the human artists create their masterpieces – right down to brush strokes and color tones. Signature works can be found in Style Packs dedicated to specific artists and artistic styles. The first release concentrates on 10 popular pieces each by Van Gogh and Impressionist painters Monet and Manet.

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