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ITRI Showcases 7H External Folding AMOLED Panel at Touch Taiwan 2018

By Korbin Lan
Published: Sep 04,2018

TAIPEI, Taiwan - Having engaged in the development of flexible AMOLED displays and soft electronic technology for a decade, the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) this year showcased their latest external folding AMOLED soft display panel module.

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ITRI stated that following the completion of this external panel, ITRI has reached their current internal and external goals for AMOLED display technology, and they can design the direction of the bends in accordance with application requirements. Furthermore, the external folding ratios of the newest panels are up to 3mm and can be folded upwards of 20,000 times. In addition, the design features a protective layer and a special stress buffer, and having passed drop stress testing with a 135g ball, the external folding screens now exceed 35cm in height.

In order to satisfy every day requirements, the panels are also equipped with a 7H scratch resistant wearable touch layer. ITRI pointed out that in order to integrate polymer resin and inorganic nanoparticle technology, this “high hardness wear-resistant protective layer material” utilizes materials which are extremely hard and scratch resistant while also having softness and high folding performance. Meanwhile, the 7H hardness is resistant against friction from items in normal bags.

ITRI also showcased another highlight – a transparent AMOLED display with penetration rate exceeding 70%. The system integrates AI recognition and touch functionality and has the capacity to provide interactive viewing functions which can be utilized by two viewers simultaneously without experiencing interference from the background environment.

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