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FootPrintKu Creates the Industry's First AI EDA Cloud Platform

By Korbin Lan
Published: Sep 10,2018

TAIPEI, Taiwan - Taiwanese digital services creation company FootPrintKu in Taipei held a products and services seminar where the company launched their exclusive Artificial Intelligence EDA cloud platform. FootPrintKu has developed an EDA Library which automatically creates verification engines with the capability of creating automatic, smart, and customized electronics parts databases.

FootPrintKu founder and CEO YC Hwang stated that the EDA industry has been developing for nearly fifty years, yet an electronic components standard format has yet to be established in the industry to assist electronic circuit designers and engineers when they are commonly faced with cumbersome and repetitive work patterns when conducting front-end work. FootPrintKu employees AI technology to create customized cloud management platforms for electronic parts design in order to share time-consuming and labor-intensive tasks and enable engineers to focus on R&D design. The platform also simplifies electronics design procedures to promote the transformation of the EDA industry.

He also pointed out that the EDA industry currently has five major problems: namely, that it is difficult to pass on professional knowledge, building parts is time-consuming and labor-intensive, the files are complex with obscure parts, there is a shortage of employees, and there is limited space for working development and learning. However, FootPrintKu’s cloud EDA platform can alleviate the aforementioned issues.

He explained that currently enterprises use human labor to implement and manage local electronic parts databases, which requires a lot of labor and costs. FootPrintKu took note of this problem and conducted research and development to produce the Robot Ku service robot with self-learning capabilities which can replace human laborers in the creation of parts databases. This reduces companies’ operations costs while also breaking through the ever-stagnant electronics design workflow of the EDA industry.

FootPrintKu’s EDA platform currently includes two major functions: the FPK Studio electronics parts design cloud database and the FPK Value cloud management service for parts databases.

FootPrintKu was established in 2015 in Kaohsiung and currently employees a staff of over 100 workers. Furthermore, the company has also broken through the ever stagnant electronics design workflow in the EDA industry. Their vision is to establish a global standard format for electronic components in order to promote digital transformation and innovation in the EDA industry.

(TR/ Phil Sweeney)

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