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Highly Concentrated IT Market with Reduced Profits to Drive Business Transformation in IT Sector

Published: Nov 07,2018

Taiwanese Top 4 IT Hardware Brands' Recent Development Highlights. (Source: MIC, October 2018)

Among the Top 10 Taiwanese businesses in 2017, six were IT hardware brands, which account for 72% of the top ten’s revenues, according to the Taipei-based, government-backed IT research institute MIC (Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute).

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"However, Taiwan's top 10 IT brands, except TSMC, all suffered profit declines in 2017," says Chien-Kuang Pan, senior industry analyst with MIC. "For this reason, both international and Taiwanese ICT companies have no choice but to aggressively pursue business transformation and have made several achievements in the areas of cloud, healthcare, and smart home."

"On top of that, the US-China trade conflict remains a major factor affecting Taiwan's ICT industry and leads to a significant change in Taiwan's IT hardware supply chains."

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