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UWin Nanotech and Philippine Xin-Ye Sign Eco-friendly Gold Mining Technology Agreement

By Vincent Wang
Published: Dec 06,2018

Kenny Hsu(left), Managing Director of Uwin Nanotech, and Micheal Liao(right), general manager of Philippine Xin-Ye, on behalf of the two sides to sign the agreement.

TUCHENG, Taiwan - Uwin Nanotech, at its Taipei Tucheng headquarters, held a signing ceremony for the eco-friendly gold mining technology authorizing agreement with the Philippines Xin-Ye Industry. Under the agreement, Uwin nanotech will authorize its patented eco-friendly gold stripping solution GP-860 to Xinye to raise a revolutionary green gold mining process in the Philippines. The GP-860 is an environmentally friendly and non-toxic gold stripping solution which can improve the local mining environment and increase the refining efficiency of the gold mining industry.

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Kenny Hsu, Managing Director of Uwin Nanotech, and Micheal Liao, general manager of Philippine Xin-Ye, on behalf of the two sides to sign the agreement. The two companies will gradually expand their business scope from the Philippines to other regions on the basis of this cooperation.

GP-860 is an eco-friendly and non-toxic gold stripping solution. Its near-neutral chemical properties can quickly and efficiently separate gold from ore in a way that does not harm the human body and the environment. Compared with the traditional methods of using aqua regia and cyanide, it is not only more efficient but also completely non-toxic and will not harm the environment. It can meet the requirements of modern society for environmental protection and humanity.

Currently, Xin-Ye has established an automating environmentally-friendly gold stripping demonstration site in Valenzuela, Metro Manila in the Philippines, where GP-860 is being implemented. According to Xin-Ye, the demonstration site has a maximum daily production capacity of approximately twelve tons of ore. The gold output depends on the gold content of the ore; however, in general, approximately 500 grams of gold can be produced daily.

Micheal Liao, general manager of Philippine Xin-Ye, said that using the GP-860 eco-friendly gold stripping solution and automated equipment only requires eight hours to complete a single gold stripping procedure; whereas traditional gold stripping methods require three to five days before a single procedure can be completed. Meanwhile, the GP-860 solution can produce gold with a purity of 99.9% with no further purification required.

Kenny Hsu, Managing Director of Uwin Nanotech, said that signing with Xin-Ye is only the beginning. In the future, they will continue to be the research and development center of many mine owners. The gold producing countries such as Indonesia, Laos and Papua New Guinea will be the highlight regions. And They will continue to explore his non-toxic, eco-friendly metal stripping technology under the wave of environmental protection.

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