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MediaTek to Win the 5G Competition by Alliance and Independent R&D

By Shi Lijun
Published: Jan 19,2019

TAIPEI, Taiwan - The 3GPP standard conference will be held in Taipei, Taiwan, next week. To foster the local 5G supply chain in Taiwan, MediaTek, a key organizer of the conference, strove for keeping the event to be held in Taiwan with the aim of developing universal standards. Huang He-qi, general manager of the design and development department of MediaTek's communication system, pointed out that for the current situation of 5G, MediaTek will adopt the countermeasures of "wide-scale alliance and independent R&D".

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The 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) is a standard organization dedicating to the development of 5G mobile communication in the world. There are more than 200 international companies participate in and even been called the Olympia Committee of communication standards. Because the standard drafting is like a tug-of-war match, major international companies are hoping to stand in a favorable position to seize the opportunity. Huang He-qi described: "It is a kind of competition, and everybody has their own strategies in it."

He pointed out that because each company has its technical position, therefore they will push their own technical proposals in the specifications to win its best interests. Huang explained that by pushing the proposal into a standard, in addition to being able to apply for a patent, it is also beneficial for the company to establish a technical threshold, so that competitors have no way to break through, and thus make their products more competitive.

Facing of this situation, Huang said that MediaTek will take the countermeasure of " wide-scale alliance and independent research" strategy. But he pointed out that the forming alliance is only a short term approach, and more importantly is to build deep technology and with flexible strategies.

MediaTek emphasizes that the development of 5G technology should not be a solo play, but needs to join hands with industrial partners to create an ecosystem.

Huang said that the Release 15 version was released in December last year. This year, it will be adjusted for more detail. The Release 16 version is expected to be announced in March 2020. He revealed that MediaTek is also expected to launch related products in 2020 to meet customer needs.

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