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Nokia Promotes Cognitive Collaboration Hubs to Assist Operators in Speeding Up Realization of 5G

By Wang Xiu Chen
Published: Feb 20,2019

TAIPEI, Taiwan - President of Nokia Greater China Markus Borchet pointed out that to date Nokia has preempted the top three opportunities in the 5G market, namely the lead in standardized footsteps, leading 5G architecture, and the use of the company’s 5G NR solutions to take the lead in the number of prior customers.

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In response to the impending Industry 4.0 wave, Nokia has launched their Future X strategy and architecture in order to increase production capacity and economic growth in the Industry 4.0 era. This strategy employs industrial IoT and decentralized computing, as well as an increase in smart and expanded virtual reality technologies. The strategy also makes use of high performance networks (including LTE and 5G) with advanced security defense solutions, which dramatically increase cross-industry productivity.

As of late Nokia has also introduced a cognitive collaboration hub network, and have been using these data science centers to further promote Nokia as well as collaboration between operators in companies in order to develop new and innovative AI applications.

One of these applications is driver behavior analysis, and it can improve safety by providing real-time analysis of driver performance and road conditions. Through the managed development of the AVA cognitive services platform, Nokia can reduce launch times for operators’ services while also increasing returns on investments in data analysis.

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