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AUO to Unveil World’s First Full Screen Optical In-cell Fingerprint LTPS LCD

Published: May 14,2019

HSINCHU, Taiwan – AU Optronics Corp. (AUO) will take part in SID’s Display Week 2019 to showcase cutting edge display technologies. Highlights include the world' firs full screen optical in-cell fingerprint LTPS LCD, in-cell touch LTPS LCDs with the world’s smallest through-hole design and narrowest1.0 mm bottom border for smartphone applications.

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In terms of smart home setting, the world’s first enlarged nano wire grid polarizer mirror display and 32-inch UHD 4K advanced reflectionless display will also make their first appearance. Other exhibits include mini LED backlit LCDs across diverse professional verticals, a full range of curved car displays with multiple displays lamination, and advanced display technologies for professional designing, medical, financial and customs applications.

To provide the best mobile usage experience possible, AUO is dedicated to enhancing both the performance and appearance of smartphone displays. AUO’s 6-inch full screen optical in-cell fingerprint LTPS LCD is the first of its kind to have installed an optical sensor within the LCD structure. Equipped with AHVA technology, full HD+ (1080 x 2160) resolution and 403 PPI pixel density, the panel has a full screen sensing area with the same 403 PPI sensor density and 30 ms swift sensor response time for the smoothest and most accurate sensing performance possible on a smartphone.

The 6.2-inch in-cell touch LTPS LCD sports the world’s smallest through-hole design. At merely 4.2 mm, the tiny drill hole is barely noticeable on a 21:9 full HD+ (1080 x 2520) screen, whose cinemascope aspect ratio combining AHVA technology is a perfect choice for film enthusiasts to entertain themselves on the move.

Also applying the AHVA technology, the 6.3-inch in-cell touch LTPS LCD has full HD+ (1080 x 2304) resolution and possesses the world’s narrowest1.0 mm bottom border, which is around 40% narrower than that of its counterpart in the market, making it a true work of art to marvel at with equally narrow border on all four sides of the display.

In addition to supporting professional fields with high performance displays, AUO is also driving innovation into homes with advanced display technologies. The 15.6-inch wire grid polarizer mirror display is the world’s first to have achieved nano-imprinting on an enlarged area, produced by seamless tiling of the conventional sized 8-inch mold. In particular, the display boasts twice the transmittance of a regular mirror display, and is equipped with AHVA technology, high reflective rate and contrast ratio.

AUO will also present the 32-inch UHD 4K display featuring advanced reflectionless technology, designed especially for showcase and professional use. Contrary to conventional displays, whose performance is often compromised by reflection and glare from ambient lighting, this new technology demonstrates excellent ambient image quality under complex illumination conditions, showing exceptional ambient contrast and color performance with high readability to deliver the most authentic and exquisite image details.

In addition to the impressive lineup at Display Week 2019, AUO will also join the Display Week Symposium with an Invited Paper: “Active Matrix Mini-LED Backlights for 1,000 PPI VR LCD” in the hope of sharing valuable findings with the display research circle to achieve further technological breakthroughs.

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