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Infineon CoolGaN e-mode HEMT to Receive Best Choice Award at Computex Taipei

Published: May 21,2019

TAIWAN, Taiwan - Infineon Technologies announced that the company has been awarded the 2019 Computex Best Choice Award with its GaN-based power components, CoolGaN e-mode HEMT series, for its high-power density, best-in-class efficiency and reduced system costs. Infineon is also the only power semiconductor supplier mastering in all high voltage power technologies across silicon (Si), silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN) materials.

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The CoolGaN e-mode HEMT features an unique normally-off concept that not only allows for easy design-in, but also optimized for fast turn-on and turn-off. CoolGaN switches come with lowest gate charge and excellent dynamic performance in reverse conduction. This allows much higher frequency operations, thus improving power density by reducing the overall size of passive components and increasing power density. It significantly enables higher power density under same efficiency (140W/in3 for 3 kW LLC with efficiency > 98%): almost three-fold output power in a given energy storage slot size, freeing up space and realizing higher efficiency at the same time. CoolGaN e-mode HEMT supports high frequency operation in applications such as enterprise and data center servers, telecom rectifiers, adapters, chargers and wireless charging.

Infineon is the only supplier with its own comprehensive value chain: from manufacturing to quality management to system design support. During the quality management process, it is not only the device, which is thoroughly tested but also its behavior in the application environment. The robustness of CoolGaN is beyond other GaN products in the market. At 100 ppm (parts per million), its predicted lifetime is about 55 years, exceeding the expected lifespan by 40 years. CoolGaN is the one of most reliable and globally qualified GaN solutions in the market.

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