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ITRI to Help Collagen Production Value to Double

By 桃湥丠慩獮畨
Published: Jun 05,2019

TAIPEI, Taiwan - A traditional pig only costs NT$50,000; however, with the biomedical research of today, there are applications for high-value collagen extraction in a variety of food products, cosmetics, and medical products, and in the future it will be feasible to create an output value of up to NT$3 million.

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Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), Biomedical Technology and Device Research Laboratories Vice President and General Director Chii-Wann Lin stated that collagen is an important ingredient in human tissue, and in its different forms it exists in skin, bones, cartilage, ligaments, tendons, and blood vessel walls as well as in connective tissues and other parts.

ITRI has developed unique products and technologies, such as medical materials for wound dressing which are inconspicuous from the outset. Furthermore, if the unique dressings which ITRI has developed are utilized, chronic wounding effects can be avoided after surgery, and better care and treatment can be provided for patients with diabetic foot ulcerations, patients who are bedridden from long-term venous ulcers, and burn patients.

ITRI’s exclusively developed collagen corneal dressing is transparent with high water content and high oxygen permeability, and it can protect injured corneas and effectively promote wound repair and healing.

In addition to this, ITRI is also engaged in cross-disciplinary cooperation to assist in the creation of an ecological chain of biomedical materials in Taiwan, and they are cooperating with Taiwan Sugar Corporation to develop live medical pigs in order to provide industries with complete solutions through development from farm planning to subsequent product development.

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